Gears of War: Judgment "Island" map

If your Lancer has been gathering dust, and you’ve already used its chainsaw bayonet to clear all the brush on your property, we have good news for you — developer Epic Games has announced that Gears of War: Judgment is coming out for the Xbox 360 on March 19, 2013.┬áThe fourth installment in the blockbuster Gears of War series of third-person shooters, Judgment is a prequel that takes place in the early days of the war between mankind and the reptilian Locusts.

Epic also released a tutorial video for the game’s new “OverRun” multiplayer mode (below) and announced a new map called “Island.” From the official press release:

Island takes place on an archipelago of islands off the coast of [the city of] Halvo Bay, which serves as a supply and refueling depot that feeds the larger military machine along the coast. The individual islands are connected by a series of bridges and tunnels, forming a network of unknown size and security. This is restricted territory, and civilians are not permitted on, or even near, any of the islands.

In short, prepare to die in any one of an extensive series of tunnels.