GameTanium Tablet

Verizon Wireless announced today that it’s introducing GameTanium, an app subscription service that launched last year, to its Android-powered smartphones and tablets. For $5.99 a month, Verizon customers gain unlimited access to over 100 smartphone games (50 on tablets), including megahits Plants vs. Zombies and Fruit Ninja.

GameTanium is compatible with over 30 phones and two tablets. Exent, creator of the service, also offers “Editor’s Picks” app recommendations to help customers choose which games to play. GameTanium is aimed at attacking the problem of mobile game discovery. With hundreds of thousands of apps available, it’s easy for great games to get lost in overcrowded app stores, so Exent offers a curated service where it selects the best games it can find from a variety of third-party developers.

Exent currently provides thousands of PC games on demand on the web. Its partners include Mediacom, and T-Mobile. The company says it serves games to millions of players monthly.