Marissa Mayer was one of Google’s first 20 employees, and had worked at the company since 1999. Through that time she held five different roles, and been honored as one of the most powerful women in technology … but she’s already off the Google executive team webpage.

Lest we forget, here’s a short list of what she’s accomplished and/or worked on at Google.

June 2012: Vice President, Local, Maps & Location Services

  • Youngest member of Google’s executive operating committee (36)
  • Managed Google local search
  • Interviewed Lady Gaga (!)
  • Managed Google Maps for mobile
  • Managed Google Earth and street view teams
  • Instrumental in the Zagat purchase

November 2005: VP, Search Products & User Experience

  • Managing products such as Google News
  • Introduced Google CheckOut
  • Iterated Google Translate
  • Championed Google “universal search results” … in which all results types (video, etc.) are included in the main results
  • Ran the “Marissa Gauntlet,” Google’s new feature pipeline
  • Fought to maintain Google’s clean, spare look

March 2003: Director, Consumer Web Services

  • Nurtured Google Desktop Search
  • Managed multi-lingual additions to
  • Started Google Local search efforts
  • Championed personalized search (iGoogle)
  • Organized Google parties

July 2001: Product Manager,

  • Managed Google News
  • Worked on Google images
  • First to work exclusively on user experience
  • Managed user testing
  • Almost killed ads in Gmail
  • Added the Copyright sign at the bottom of the page

June 1999: Software Engineer

  • First female engineer hired at Google
  • One of first 20 employees

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