Satirical news organization The Onion has set its sights on “that cloud thing” with a new video spoof that makes fun of Hewlett-Packard’s cloud push and the incessant jargon that gets thrown around when talking about the cloud and technology in general.

The Onion’s Tech Trends segment spoke with fictional guests from HP that don’t know what they’re talking about and shows a painfully funny fake HP commercial. The segment taps into the idea that many organizations are not explaining “the cloud” well, one of my biggest criticisms of the topic. (Here’s a Cloud 101 primer to help you get your terms straight.)

“We are absolutely thrilled that now people with computers — or phones — both! — will be able to back things up to the cloud,” fictional HP spokesperson Gary Klinman told The Onion. “And that’s definitely something that people do, and they will be doing it with HP.”

When asked about additional features it will offer with its cloud, Klinman said:

“Crowdsourcing is something we are having, crowdsourcing 2.0, we have social sharing, we have 4G, 5G, 6G, really all the Gs, we have app — we have all of it in the computer.

Click here to watch the hilarious video.