Sound Shapes' "Touch the People" by Beck

Sound Shapes’ roster of musicians continues to impress: Today, developer Queasy Games announced that Beck, the Grammy award-winning alternative rock artist, is contributing music to their 2D side-scrolling platformer. The three original Beck songs exclusive to the game — “Touch the People,” “Spiral Staircase,” and “Cities” — are a part of the newly revealed ¬†“Cities” campaign (pictured above), which also features artwork done by Pyramid Attack.

The music in Sound Shapes is dynamically generated based on the player’s actions on-screen. After completing a campaign, each with their own unique aesthetic and musical influence, players can then use the in-game art and music to create their own custom levels and share it with the community.

The creative mind behind Sound Shapes, Jonathan Mak, is no stranger to music-based games: He was the sole developer of the well-received Everyday Shooter for the PC and PlayStation Network, a dual-stick “abstract shooter” that traded in bullets for guitar riffs.

Beck joins Jim Guthrie (the singer-songwriter responsible for the stellar soundtracks to Indie Game: The Movie and Sword & Sworcery), deadmau5, and I Am Robot and Proud as artists contributing to the game.¬†Sound Shapes will be released on Aug. 7 for $14.99 on both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita — once you buy it for one platform, you’ll also have access to it on the other.