Smartphones may seem like they’ve killed the MP3 player, but the newest devices from Sony show that dedicated devices still have some life in them.

First up is the Walkman F800, a personal media player with a 3.5-inch screen. Offered in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models, the device offers five hours of video playback and up to 36 hours of audio playback.

Surprisingly, the F800 comes equipped with Android 4.0, which is more than can be said for many smartphones.

Cost, however, might be a concern: The F800 starts at $279 (£210), which is a bit pricy for a dedicated device. Moreover, the storage offerings cap at 32GB, another big concern for those with larger music collections.

Alongside the F800, Sony also announced the Walkman S770BT, which comes equipped with a pair of bluetooth headphones, the noise-canceling E570, and the Walkman E473K, which comes with a speaker dock that runs off the player’s battery.

While all the devices are available in Europe starting today, there’s no word on a North American release just yet.