Nazi Zombies and other 'Horde' Mode Games

Yet another beef I have with modern Shooters and their Survival mode games. This one is for you; Black ops and Gears of War



In my last post I wrote about Multiplayer feature a modern day shooter should have, featuring Commanders, NPCs and In-game objectives.

In this post I would like to continue writing about concepts that I think would make an awesome FPS. Star Wars, like most gamers is my favorite franchise, but thus far, there has not been any Star Wars shooter that does the franchise justice. Battlefront was good for what it was, but thats all it was… good.

When you read this, keep in mind how awesome these feature would be if they were in the Star Wars Universe, particularily, the Clone Wars era. I will continue to elaborate my view on thia subject in the days to come.

Now, onto the Survival mode and my beef with the games thus far. In Black Ops, Nazi Zombies you play as one of four characters. Specifically in Natcht Der Entoten your characters are held up in a mansion. They fight off the Zombie invasion while they battle to turn on the power, im not a Zombies professional, but you get the jist. When it was release it was amazing.

In Gears, you play Horde mode, which an even weaker version of how B.O. does Survival. It all boils down to the fact that, you play on a single map that does not change at all and the enemy continues to beat you over the head, and its unwinable …FRUSTRATION !

The inclusion of side or secondary objectives , to gameplay such as this, with a clear, achievable primary objective, not only adds depth and engaging replay value, but also a sense of achievement.

Some secondary objective should have instant reward, such as reinforcements for destroying an MG Nest or air support for destroying an AA Turrent.

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You play as a Clone Captain. You storm a Seperatist controlled planet, your target is a High Commander in the Seperatist Army. your mission is to free the natives who are under their control.

As you enter the atmosphere, the pilot locates the base of the enemy Commander, it is heavily fortified so you must land a safe distance from the base. You are greet by a few waves of enemy Clankers.

your elite squad fight through the first few wave with ease. You then progress closer to your target (the map changes). Approaching the base, you find heavy resistance. After the next few waves, you inch closer and closer to the base. Your squad moves in on the fortifications, spotting a weakness you focus your fire on destroying them. with the Turrents destroyed, your reinforcement(bots) move in and support in the fight.

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I hope that gameplay such is that is in the industries near future.

In my next post I will discuss multiplayer combat with Jedi and Sith, and other tops soon to come; Melee Brawls (think, The Old Republic Trailers), Ranking/Sophisticated Experience Gain and Original Scenario's.

Thanks for reading

Kevin Guiboche