facebook like ice

Facebook acquired Acrylic Software today, which created an iPad and Mac application for organizing your RSS feeds. The company is known for its iOS design prowess, which probably piqued Facebook’s interest more than the app itself.

The team moves to San Francisco in the next few weeks and will be absorbed into Facebook’s design team. Pulp and Wallet, the company’s other applications, were not, however, purchased by Facebook. These apps, which founder Dustin MacDonald says have been downloaded “hundreds of thousands” of times, will remain up and running “in their current form.” The terms of this deal have not yet been released.

The deal seemingly stemmed from a trip to Facebook’s headquarters MacDonald took last year. He explained in a blog post that he found a lot of his design ideas and principles aligning with Facebook’s. He sees the acquisition as “an opportunity at Facebook to have a big impact in many people’s lives.”

Hopefully Facebook will use the team’s iOS expertise to improve its existing iOS applications, though it is unknown what part of the design team Acrylic will actually join.

Google, which competes with Facebook through its Google+ social network, acquired Sparrow earlier today, an e-mail application for Mac and iOS. The team from Sparrow will work on Google’s Gmail team. Terms from that deal have not been disclosed; however, rumors say the deal was executed for under $25 million.

hat tip Cult of Mac; Image via Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook