Reggie is watching

Normally when I see a crowd of people at a convention, I turn the other way. Part of the reason is the need to fight the urge to die in a mass group, and the other part is pretending like I’m too cool. But when you see a giant pink blob bouncing around in a mosh pit of little kids and a lone furry to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling,” it’s impossible not to raise your iPad and capture the moment.

The video below is actually from last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, but I only just now found it while going through my photos of superheroes and scantily-clad cosplayers. I had almost convinced myself that it was all just a dream….

While Kirby doesn’t quite rival this Android mascot’s dancing skills, I can easily say that he helped make Nintendo’s “party” best of the show. Tucked away in Nintendo’s Gaming Lounge off-site at the Marriott hotel, there weren’t any obnoxious DJs playing music too loudly to talk over or special celebrity guests who have no idea what the company hosting the party even does. It was just people having fun, and that’s become a surprisingly scarce occurrence at game industry events.