Google Nexus 7 Android tablet hands-on

Google’s having no problems getting its Nexus 7 tablet out the door to tech geeks — yesterday we learned that the 16 gigabyte model has sold out due to high demand. Now Google is getting ready to target the average buyer with its first Nexus 7 TV commercial.

The ad shows a father and son bonding over the 7-inch tablet during a camping trip. It feels a lot more human than Google’s previous ads (though some of its Google+ ads were getting there), and in many ways it could be mistaken for a heartwarming Apple ad. And just like Apple’s Siri ads, it projects a very idealized (and almost fantastical) view of the product.

While the ad succeeds at pulling the heartstrings, it may give consumers an inaccurate view of the Nexus 7, since it fudges a major drawback to the tablet: it’s Wi-Fi only, so you wouldn’t be taking your Nexus 7 camping without a wireless hotspot. At the end of the commercial it’s revealed that the duo were actually camping out in their backyard (something that only ever seems to happen in cute TV ads), so technically they were getting Internet access from their house.

Even though it’s a Wi-Fi only tablet, I still heartily recommend the Nexus 7. It’s the first Android tablet that hasn’t made me want to smash it into pieces, and at $200 it’s a no-brainer purchase.

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Via The Next Web; Photo: Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat