6waves is a major publisher of third-party Facebook and mobile games. Now the company is parlaying its strong position as a distributor of games by creating a mobile traffic exchange where developers can cross-promote games with 6waves completely free of charge.

The mobile traffic exchange platform, dubbed WaveX, will enable developers to grow the number of downloads for their games without forcing them to spend a lot of money on acquiring new users. Hong Kong-based 6waves has a lot of users for its mobile games. With the WaveX platform, it will promote the games of other developers that are similar to ones that users are already playing.

6waves will not be charging a fee at all, said Jim Ying, senior vice president of publishing at 6waves.

“Developers have been asking us about cross-promotions,” Ying said. “We were going to build a platform anyway and decided to open it up. Ours has no commission. So you can get more users without ponying up the dollars.”

Ying says the biggest challenge facing mobile developers is how to expose their games to relevant players without spending exorbitant amounts on marketing to get new users. With WaveX, 6waves says developers will be able to quickly and easily get access to a high-quality network of players.

“With the launch of WaveX, we look forward to working with an expanded pool of independent developers from around the world to help them grow the global audience of their games,” said Josh Burns, director of products at 6waves.

WaveX is a powerful, yet simple to use product that caters to mobile game developers of all experience levels and games of any size. Cross-promoting players across games is a proven, cost-effective way to expose developers’ games to a larger audience. Best of all, WaveX is free to use. Sign up and begin growing your game right now.

6waves has 40 mobile games in the works between its own internal developers and deals with external teams. Ten have launched so far, and the rest are coming in a matter of weeks.

6waves’ investors include Insight Venture Partners and Nexon. Besides Chartboost, rivals include Tapjoy and Flurry.

“There is a lot of crazy, stupid money being spent now in acquiring mobile users,” Ying said. “Astronomical sums are being spent on mobile advertising. That’s creating a problem for mobile game developers.”