Hello, everybody!

I'm 22, and currently live in NY.

My favorite movie would be The Goonies.

My favorite game would be Final Fantasy 7 for reasons I explain below.

For as long as I can remember, I have always played video games, and they've become a huge passion of mine.

My earliest memory of video games was playing the original Megaman on my friends NES. I also played the hell out of the original Sonics.

But, it wasn't until that one fateful day when I was in first grade, that my older brother let me tag along with him to his friend Brandons house. That day I watched him play Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. I was amazed watching him play these games, and remember being so impressed by how much better he was compared to my first grade self. And, then, that magical moment happened where he let me start a new game of FF7 while he and my brother did their own thing.

From that moment on I was hooked. I always loved video games before that, but it really wasn't until that moment that I realized they could be so much more. They could have incredible stories, interesting characters that I cared about, an amazing world that I wanted to know every detail of, and so much more. Oh, and of course the fantastic music of the game.

That experience shaped the way I would view video games for the rest of my life.

Ever since I was around the age of eight, and came to the realization that being a medieval knight was no longer a valid career option in this age, I've wanted to have a career in either video games, writing of some sort, or be a historian.

Somehow along the way I fell into the field of business. I recently got a very nice job in one of the largest investment firms in NY, and have been getting nothing but congratulations from everybody about how I finally have "made it." But all I can think about is, really? This is making it? This sucks!

So, I decided to start working towards a degree in journalism, and to do whatever I can to improve my writing abilities. My goal is to one day make a career out of it. But, for now, baby steps.

I look forward to becoming a part of this community, and to hopefully write some cool stuff. Just bear with me in the beginning, I still have much to learn, and improve on!