Secure collaboration firm WatchDox just released the results of a document security study by the Ponemon Institute. And the consensus is that we suck at security.

Surveying more than 600 IT and security pros with an average 11 years of experience, the study found that 90 percent of organizations have leaked data or documents in the last 12 months. Almost 80 percent of organizations do not provide secure file sharing technologies for employees. And well over half of organizations believe that mobile access equals massive security risk.

With no secure file sharing technologies provided by the enterprise, staff unsurprisingly turn to readily available methods: Dropbox, USB drives, or that trusty old standby, email.

Unfortunately, those are three of the four most common methods of data loss.

The survey did turn up some good news, if you’re a chief financial officer. Even though customer and consumer data are at the most risk — 25 percent of IT pros were worried about them — sales, finance, and accounting information is much better protected.

That good news only lasts, unfortunately, until you notice that under Sarbanes/Oxley and other regulations, corporations are legally liable for data security.


Here’s the infographic:

Image credit: Warren Goldswain/ShutterStock