I haven't watched a lot of movies during the years 2000s because, let's face it, movies kinda suck. But I was wondering, as a movie expert and all, can you answer some of the following questions:

Which action movie hero is more compelling than Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3 ?

Which movie plot twist is more jaw-dropping that Nier's ending ?

Which movie dilemna is more fundemantal than the one faced by Shion in Xenosaga Episode III ?

Which addendum fits better to Twin Peaks: Deadly Premonition or Fire Walk with Me ?

Which horror movie setting is more terrifying than Demon's Souls Valley of Defilement ?

Which original movie universe is more magical than Final Fantasy X's Spira ?

In which movie is the line between Black and White as blurry as in Radiata Stories ?

In which movie is there a plot more elegantly intertwined than in Ghost Trick ?

How about a more subversive take on relationships than Catherine ?

Well, those who played those games get my point, I guess. Also, since movies have been around for over a century and since I only chose games of the 2000s, I would appreciate if you had the courtesy of doing the same for your answers, Mr. Ebert. It's only fair after all, and otherwise you're gonna answer every question with Star Wars (except question four, that would be weird).

And you readers, do you have any questions for Ebert about movies ? How about leaving one in the comment or a tweet with #dearebert as a hastag ?