Dead or Alive 5 bunny outfits

The Dead or Alive series of fighting games has never been shy about showing some virtual skin. Originally designed by Team Ninja and director Tomonobu Itagaki, who had allegations of sexual harassment filed against him back in 2006, Dead or Alive was responsible for introducing bouncy “breast physics” to the game world, as well as the infamous line of Xtreme Beach Volleyball spin-off titles.

Publisher Tecmo Koei, unsurprisingly, is promoting scantily clad fisticuffs once more as the latest 3D fighter in the franchise, Dead or Alive 5, nears a September 25 release. After all, the company had to do something to match Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s 100-plus downloadable swimsuit outfits.

The bunny costumes (like Tekken’s swimsuits) are included as preorder incentives through various retailers. I’d love to have sat in on the meetings that led to these business decisions….