Olwimpics browser Addon

If you’re on a computer with Internet access, the chances of ignoring the 2012 London Olympics are slim to none — even if you want to.

For this reason, F.A.T. has created a browser addon called Olwimpics that essentially blocks all references to the Olympic events.

“The Olympic Games are here, and with all large events, our favorite internet hangouts are filled with mentions of this event,” wrote ffff.at author Greg Leuch, who produced the addon in a matter of hours. “Our netizen communities generally don’t care for athletics, except that which we can do with our fingers.”

The addon, which is currently available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, doesn’t eliminate the content from view. However, it does place boxes over every reference made to the Olympics on a web page. The boxes appropriately alternate using the five colors of the Olympic rings (blue, black, red, yellow, and green), as you can see in the image above.

Via BoingBoing.net

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