ea nexon

Electronic Arts and Nexon are teaming up to bring a big PC online soccer game to South Korea, the gaming mecca.

EA Sports FIFA Online 3 will launch in late 2012. EA Seoul Studio is developing the game, and Nexon, which is based in Tokyo and has large operations in Korea, will act as publisher. The launch of the soccer game is a big deal because digital revenues from online sources are an increasingly large part of the game business.

EA says the online game will be its most authentic ever, with improvements in gameplay, graphics, and official licenses. The teams include 15,000 real-world players from 30 leagues and 40 national teams. The PC game has artificial intelligence, enhanced animation, and dynamic 5-on-5 multiplayer competition.

The agreement accelerates Nexon’s plans to enter the sports game market through partnerships and helps diversify it beyond downloadable online role-playing games. Min Seo, the chief executive of Nexon Korea, said that EA’s FIFA series is the “gold standard” for soccer games.

Savannah Hahn, the general manager of EA Korea, said, “We are pleased to partner with Nexon, a worldwide leader, to bring this title to our fans in Korea. The agreement leverages the strength of Nexon’s global platform and the power of the EA Sports FIFA franchise to deliver the highest quality service and game experiences to one of the largest and most loyal markets in the world.”