Evernote wants to be more than just a repository for your notes. The company has just launched a brand new Developer Voice Program to encourage its developer community to create more cool stuff.

Evernote is the astronomically well-funded Silicon Valley startup that 35 million people turn to for storing their to-do lists, photos, memories, recipes, and more. CEO Phil Libin often likens the product to a second brain. It’s not quite there yet.

And that’s where the Developer Voice Program comes into play. Headed up by new hire and veteran technology journalist Rafe Needleman, the program has been created to provide mentorship and support to developers building tools that elevate Evernote’s note-taking platform. To date, roughly 2,000 third-party Evernote apps have been deployed.

“We’re consistently amazed by the ingenuity and innovation coming out of our developer community,” Libin said in a statement. “These individuals and companies are leveraging Evernote in unexpected ways and creating tremendous value for themselves in the process. We want to help them do even more.”

The new program is content- and community-heavy, with a special focus on mentorships, podcasts, webcasts, and events. The program also seeks to help developers with foundational pieces such as user experience design, marketing, and fundraising.