Today HootSuite is announcing three new integrations with Zendesk, Storify, and Evernote. In addition, the company is now officially saying that “nearly five million” people are using its social media management tools globally.

Integrating with Zendesk will enable users to easily move a customer service-related tweet or status update to a ticketing and tracking system, Mark Holder, HootSuite’s director of integrations, told VentureBeat.

The integration with Storify could be used by marketing personnel to create comprehensive, auto-updating lenses into evolving issues or projects. And connecting with Evernote helps anyone working with social to quickly save an important post into their own personal database.

The new integrations are a big step for the Vancouver-based company in two directions.

First, they take HootSuite deeper into the enterprise, integrating into corporate systems like Zendesk, and pushing the reach and impact of social beyond the marketing and customer service teams to product management, development, or fulfillment teams.

Secondly, they’re the first integrations that are not third-party-created apps that operating solely within the flow of social messages inside HootSuite. Instead, they are plugins that take content from the stream of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ messages inside HootSuite and deliver it to external, third-party applications.

In a statement Ryan Holmes, HootSuite’s chief executive, said that “with the addition of app plugins, we’re making it possible for our users to monitor their social media properties from the dashboard, then delegate messages for additional handling in external, third party applications.”

HootSuite is excited by the potential, Holder says, and these will soon be joined by more plugins that can take advantage of additional tie-ins with external applications. New apps would likely be in the areas of customer support, CRM, digital marketing, publishing, and content curation, the company said in a statement.

I asked Holder how many of those almost five million users he expected to start using the new integrations.

“What we’ve seen on all our integrations is that we get enormous pickup — 10-15 percent of new HootSuite users install apps within the first week, and I would probably expect 10-15 percent of our users to install these apps within the first week.”

Some screenshots of the new integrations:

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And an explanatory video:

Image credit: VLADGRIN/ShutterStock, Andre Blais/ShutterStock