Microsoft’s just-announced Outlook email service, which replaces Hotmail today, has already attracted 1 million signups, according to a tweet from Microsoft.

As I wrote earlier today, Hotmail had a serious branding problem, especially with the tech community. So Microsoft has ditched it and implemented a much cleaner design based on “Metro” principles. It integrates Skype and Office, and it’s quite functional and attractive. So attractive that it’s already pulled more than a million folks into the fold.

Many of the signups might just be the land grab for great email addresses (I snatched one up myself!), but these are still great numbers. Microsoft badly needed to jump-start Hotmail to get people to consider it seriously again. It very well may have succeeded.

Have you grabbed an Outlook.com account?

Check out a video outlining the service below:

And here’s a slideshow with more looks at Outlook:

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