PC motion control peripheral LeapTwenty-six thousand software developers in 143 countries and all 50 U.S. states plan to create applications for Leap, according to technology news website Betanews. The USB drive-sized motion-controlling device lets PC owners interact with operating systems and programs through gestures, similar to how you’d use Microsoft’s Xbox 360 peripheral Kinect.

San Francisco startup Leap Motion released some statistics today to show the high level of interest people have for its product. The company said it received 15,000 registration requests in the first week from developers wanting to take part in the Leap program. About 14 percent of those devs said they plan to create video games for the device, while 12 percent said they will create music and video tools. Eight percent will create science and medicine apps, 6 percent will work on web and social apps, and 4 percent will design education apps.

Leap is currently available for preorder. It costs $69.99 and is expected to ship in February 2013.