Bookmarking services like Pocket and Instapaper better watch out, because Facebook is about to step on their toes.

The social network is introducing its own answer to the services with “Save”, an update to its website and mobile apps that allows users to save interesting links for later reading, the Verge reports.

The implementation of the feature is pretty simple: As with the current Share and Like links, under each Facebook post will appear a link to save it. These saved links can then be accessed later, and will appear across all the user’s devices.

Similar to Twitter’s “Favorite” system, Facebook’s addition is targeted at links that users share on Facebook, and not the larger web, so Instapaper and Pocket (formerly Readability) should be safe — at least for now. Still, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see Facebook introduce a “Save” button for webpages that works similar to the Like button. And if that happens, Instapaper is going to have some real competition on its hands.

Facebook appears to be slowly rolling out the feature, so expect it to appear on your own account before long.

Photo: M.Khebra/Shutterstock