Flurry is launching its new service today that identifies interests through its analytics service to help app creators build more relevant features, target ad campaigns, and earn more advertising revenue.

The San Francisco-based company already provides a leading service for measuring and advertising mobile apps. With Flurry Personas, it will be able to segment consumers into different interest groups, such as dining out, parenting, or fashion. Flurry’s customers can then use the analytics info to build better features in their products. App publishers can create better quality ads. And advertisers can use Flurry Personas to create campaigns that reach the correct target audience.

“Digital media buyers always have a target audience in mind before executing serious ad buys,” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and chief executive. “Without the ability to effectively target across mobile app audiences, they will simply allocate their ad budgets elsewhere.  We believe that Flurry Personas will help media buyers strongly increase ad spending on mobile app audiences.”

Flurry’s analytics service gathers data from more than 600 million iOS and Android devices a month. The company said that results from Flurry Personas are computed from aggregated and anonymous analytics usage data collected from the more than 200,000 apps in the Flurry network.

“Creating audience segments based on recent and repeat usage of key application archetypes, Flurry delivers quality data targeting that helps marketers reach their intended audience with every ad impression,” said Rahul Bafna, Flurry senior director of product management.

For launch, Flurry unveiled 23 personas: Real Estate Follower, Business Professionals, Personal Finance Geeks, Business Travelers, Value Shoppers, Catalogue Shoppers, Entertainment Enthusiasts, Music Lovers, TV Lovers, Bookworms, News and Magazine Readers, Casual and Social Gamers, Hardcore Gamers, Social Influencer, Sports Fan, Health and Fitness Enthusiasts, Singles, Fashionistas, Parenting and Education, Photo and Video Enthusiasts, Home and Garden Pros, Food and Dining Lovers, Cooking Enthusiasts, Brides and Wedding Planners, and Auto Enthusiasts.