Papo & Yo

Graffiti has been used throughout history to spread political messages and liven local communities. In Papo & Yo, it’s a way to encourage players to “get lost” in a fantastical Latin American setting.

Developer Minority Media’s upcoming puzzle-based platformer invites players on an emotional journey to an authentically Chilean world. Pablo Aravena, a graffiti expert and filmmaker born in the South American country, helped make the environments resemble the cultured neighborhoods and stacked buildings of the port city Valparaiso. Celebrity graffiti artists Sebastian Navarro (aka Charquipunk), Simon Paulo Arancibia Gutierrez (La Robot de Madera), and Inti Castro (INTI) also added their touches to the game.

As unique as Papo & Yo is, it’s not the first game to feature graffiti on its streets and city walls. Here are some more examples you might be familiar with. Can you name any others?

Papo & Yo hits the PlayStation Network on August 14.

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