i2x is launching a platform today that allows venture capital firms and accredited investors to source and manage seed stage startups.

The objective is to put promising young companies in front of venture capitalists looking to expand and diversify their investment portfolios. i2x has forged relationships with major venture capital firms, incubator and accelerator programs, and angel investors to build out the system on both ends. Investment networks create a landing page with the contents of their investment portfolio, and startups can create profiles through their affiliated network.

Essentially, i2x is creating an online infrastructure of venture capital and early startups, and providing tools to manage them.

“We are building up an infrastructure that brings people into the seed stage ecosystem,” said founder Johannes Bhakdi in an interview with VentureBeat . “Our mission is to build a global repository of startups, where investors can take action, share or recommend profiles to other investors, or surface startups that are interesting to them.”

After working in asset management for years, it became clear to Bhakdi that while venture capitalists are interested in funding in seed stage technology, they have no efficient way to identify potential investments on a large scale.

“At the early stages, investment risk is very high,” he said. “Investors want to diversify, but it is time consuming and challenging to have your foot in the door with so many companies. We want to get to the point where they can invest in 100-200 startups in an efficient way and achieve a return of over 20% at a lower risk. This would be a disruption of the financial market.”

Bhakdi and his cofounder Robert Kunze started building the back end technology for this platform in 2011. The execution of this idea is complicated, involving complex legal and digital rights issues, and requiring a wide and established network of investors to succeed.

In addition to providing the platform, i2x also provides analytical tools to examine interactions and correlations and provide actionable data that can help venture capitalists make strong investments. Across the board, the system makes it easier to invest in seed stage companies.

i2x is based in New York.