Message/image board forum 4Chan has reached a record 1 billion posts, the site’s official Twitter account stated Friday.

4Chan is often known as the birth place of memes, ridiculous inside jokes that people share on the Internet that most people probably attribute to Reddit these days. The site is credited with creating such historic memes as Rick Rolling and LoLcats. It started as a place for people to share manga and anime in 2003, but slowly evolved into an anything goes forum, with various channels that have their own rules of conduct. User posts are mostly anonymous, and the various community channels stay pretty active.

So, what was the billionth post? 4Chan said it isn’t sure, but suggested that people use their imagination.

The site is currently pulling in 22 million unique visitors per month and 620 million monthly page views, according to information 4Chan posted in early July. I think it’s safe to say that neither meme culture, nor 4Chan is going away anytime soon.

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