Over a year after resigning from his post at Intel, Anand Chandrasekher has reappeared, this time at Qualcomm.

The 24-year Intel veteran will  join the telecommunications chip giant as its chief marketing officer.

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkop said in a statement that Chandrasekher’s marketing and management experience made him an ideal candidate for the post, which will have him leading Qualcomm’s marketing and external communications.

Chandrasekher is no novice to marketing. In his final act at Intel, he was the primary face of Intel’s Atom processor, which the company hoped would increase its stake in the smartphone market. Chandrasekher resigned as head of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group last March, prompting speculation that the division wasn’t doing as well as Intel liked.

Prior to that, Chandrasekher led Intel’s efforts with the Centrino Wi-Fi adapters, which were aimed at netbooks and laptops.

Unlike his final job at Intel, Chandrasekher’s new gig at Qualcomm will have him overseeing an operation that already has a major presence in the smartphone market, so it will be interesting to see how his marketing chops fare in the new position.

Photo: Qualcomm