For all the criticism tossed at Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet hybrid, Samsung has seen some big success with the device. And the company aims to add to the Note product line with its upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

Samsung says that the tablet-sized Galaxy Note 10.1 will be available globally by the end of this month. The news comes six months after Samsung announced the tablet at the 2012 Mobile World Congress.

The 10.1-inch tablet comes with a 1.4GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, and, most importantly, stylus support. Not only is that a key differentiator from other tablets, but it’s also a big improvement over the Galaxy Note, which, with a 5.3-inch screen, was often criticized for not being quite big enough to support stylus writing.

Last week Samsung told Reuters that it planned to unveil its next Galaxy Note at an event on August 29th. While it still isn’t clear which device Samsung plans to talk about during the event — an upgraded Galaxy Note phone or the new tablet — our money’s still on  a 5.5-inch follow up to the Galaxy Note. We’ve contacted Samsung to get a better idea of what its plans are and will update here when the company responds.

Below is a promotional video that extensively showcases the Galaxy Note 10.1’s wide palette of features.