Dark Knight theatre shooter James Holmes? Not on Facebook. Norwegian neo-Nazi mass murderer Anders Brievik? Also not on Facebook.

What about you?

Normal, of course, changes with times and trends. And in a world in which 955 million people are on Facebook, including about 50 percent of North Americans, not being social online is starting to be different.

Or, to use an uglier word, abnormal.

That’s essentially what German news agency Der Tagesspiegel suggests, quoting a psychologist who says that “using Facebook has become a sign of having a healthy social network.” Even Forbes wonders if people who choose not to engage in an online social network are odd or untrustworthy.

Above: Suspiciously, not on Facebook

Well, we can go a long way with this. In fact there are quite a number of nasty people who are, quite suspiciously, not socially active online.

Adolf Hitler? Not on Facebook. Joseph Stalin? One suspicious looking dude … and also not on Facebook. Jack the Ripper is also notoriously missing in action, as is Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy essentially 404s as well.

(Facebook must have a badguy list of usernames which the social network does not release — an interesting story in and of itself, for another day.)

But on the other hand, Ghengis Khan is a pretty social guy, so maybe not everyone who is sick and evil and twisted avoids Facebook.

Unless he’s the exception that proves the rule.

Image credit: Tankist276/ShutterStock