Frontline Tactics

Publisher Meridian4 and independent game developer Full Control have announced their upcoming tactical strategy game, Frontline Tactics, for release on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

The game makes its public debut at Gamescom 2012, Europe’s biggest trade fair for games and interactive entertainment. It’s in Cologne, Germany.

Frontline Tactics is set in the year 2025, when a madman named Akhali Muhamar and his splinter military group threaten to take over the nation of Fahrahn and seize its oil reserves. Players command a modern, elite fighting unit tasked with stopping the uprising and preventing all-out war, as Fahrahn is a major supplier of oil to the Western world. The game features a single-player mode and two multiplayer modes (co-op and versus), which are playable across the different supported platforms.

“Frontline Tactics is the ideal game for today’s player, who often has multiple gaming devices and extremely limited time to play,” said Steve Milburn, the marketing director of Meridian4. “The turn-based nature of the game, coupled with its multiplatform support, lets you play whenever and wherever you want.”

Missions involve defending and controlling a location or asset, eliminating opponents, and simply surviving. Players can outfit their soldiers with modern armor, equipment, and weaponry.

Established in 2004, Meridian4 has published titles such as the strategy game Stellar Impact for PC and the adventure The Secret Legacy for iPad. It plans to release the hotel management game Monster Mansion for iOS soon.

Full Control has developed the zombie survival turn-based strategy game Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising, among others.