Simple file sharing service is coming to Gmail and Microsoft’s recently-launched Outlook with a pair of extensions for Google’s Chrome browser.

The big pull with is that it works in real time: Once a user selects a file to transfer, the file is uploaded in the background, allowing for instant sharing. While works without them, the extensions take simplicity to the next level by working within the email services.

The strategy behind the move is simple: wants more people to use the service, and there are few better ways to do that than by going after Gmail users. (This, as co-founder and CEO Tobias Baunbæk notes in a statement, has been the idea behind the service all along.) also offers paid options for storage demands higher than 2GB, a strategy that’s worked well for rivals like Dropbox. According to the homepage, the service’s 802,105 users have shared nearly 7.5 million files so far.

Founded in 2010, the Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup raised $435,000 from London’s Atomico Capital last November. 

Photo: Shutterstock/bloomua