Today, Facebook is announcing Developer World HACK 2012, a two-month series of hackathon events for software devs.

Given the world’s rabid interest in events like f8, the company’s developer conference, and its Mobile HACK Roadshow earlier this spring, bringing more Facebook hackathons to more developers makes a ton of sense. Since demand for these events is so high, register soon to secure your place at the upcoming hackathons.

“The World HACK series is designed to bring the Facebook Developer story to a new set of cities — homes to some of the world’s most vibrant and fast-growing developer communities,” writes Facebook developer advocate James Pearce on the company blog.

“This year, to recognize that talented developer communities we meet around the globe, the best team we see on each continent will also win a trip to San Francisco to visit our campus and meet the Facebook team.”

Facebook’s got a soft spot for hackers. The developer-centric company wrote an open love letter to the “hacker way” in its official IPO documents, and it hosts the annual Hacker Cup contest, a programming competition that brings the best of the technical best to Silicon Valley to compete. And its new campus sports multiple signs, both hidden and obvious, paying homage to the art and science of hacking.

For the World HACK series, each event will last a full day. Teams (or solo developers) will be asked to hack on the Facebook Open Graph; the best Facebook app will win its team the prize.

Devs in attendance will also get facetime with Facebookers, including technical sessions on social gaming, Open Graph, and mobile apps. Demos and code samples will also be available, as well as hands-on help from Facebook engineers during the event’s eight-hour hackathon.

HACK events are taking place in cities in every continent, starting now and stretching into early October. The first event is August 23 in Austin, Texas. The only other event in North America will take place in Vancouver, Canada. In South and Central America, the tour will make its way through Mexico City; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and São Paulo, Brazil, during the rest of August.

The HACK tour will make its European stops in Berlin, Barcelona, Warsaw, and Moscow. Events in Asia will take place in Taipei, Taiwan; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bangalore, India.