In an online shopping frenzy, do you wish you could save all your favorite items into one handy shopping list? Wantworthy, an e-commerce tool to organize, and get feedback on products, launches today with $1 million in backing from Google Ventures, Quotidien Ventures, and RRE Ventures.

Simply sign up to the site and add the Wantworthy bookmarklet by dragging it into your browser’s toolbar. If you’re perusing online stores and you see something you crave, you can add it to your list for later. Wantworthy is integrated with Facebook, which makes it easier to share items with your friends to help you decide what to buy.

The New York-based company was started in 2011 and has grown to a team of five (pictured below). The founders, Lauren McDevitt and Josh Wais, are alumni of TechStars, a startup accelerator often described as a “bootcamp” for tech entrepreneurs.

It’s a potentially useful tool for shoppers, but the startup will have to vie for market share in a space that includes trendy startups like The Fancy and Pinterest. Why bother bookmarking items, when you can pin them? The service probably caters to the same personality type that compulsively make lists of potential purchases and enjoys pinning beautiful things to a virtual dashboard.

McDevitt, CEO, told me that Wantworthy is a practical tool for shoppers who are actually looking to make a purchase, while Pinterest is aspirational and a place to show off your taste. For instance, you might pin a $1,200 Burberry trench that you’ll one day own, but you probably wouldn’t broadcast to the world that you’re considering buying some $4 flip flops. The tool may also work well in collaboration with Pinterest, as users often comment that they “want” an item after they pin it.

McDevitt said the focus on lists is core to the company’s business model. Wantworthy plans to make money by working with retailers to bring offers and promotions to users based on their shopping and browser history. Bookmark a pair of Bloomingdales designer shades, and you might receive a discount on your purchase.

The startup will have to fight several competitors for users, but it will be a useful tool for avid online shoppers. At the very least, seeing all your potential purchases in one place may help you avoid blowing the bank.

Top Image via Shutterstock