Appeasing its vociferous power users, Foursquare has returned a popular feature for viewing just the check-ins of nearby friends to its mobile application.

Nearby friends, as the filtered view is called, comes back to iPhone and BlackBerry today, giving users of the location-based check-in and exploration application a way to switch between a global view of all activity and a view of activity from friends who are in the same city.

If you recall, the nearby filter had been stricken from the application in early June when Foursquare put out a striking update to the mobile experience that emphasizes social interactions.

At the time, the startup chose to remove the city-centric stream to favor the feed of updates and activities from friends everywhere. The idea was to get people liking, commenting, and engaging with friends’ updates, regardless of their locations, but a vocal minority was none too pleased about losing the capability to see the same-city activities of friends.

The updated version of Foursquare is available now for iPhone and BlackBerry. A similar Android release is coming soon.

Photo credit: qiaomeng/Flickr