Etsy, the uber-cool marketplace for all things handmade and vintage, has put its intricately crocheted foot down: no more selling body parts. Or bodily fluids. Hair and teeth, however, are still allowed.

The eBay for unique goods marketplace has grown dramatically recently, pulling in $525 million in sales last year. When startups grow, challenges are inevitable, and one of them is ensuring that the company’s culture and vision survive.

Above: Charming “Human Teeth Bracelet,” by Deathany97

Image Credit: Etsy

So Etsy laid down the law this past week, updating its prohibited items list.

Definitely out are skulls, bones, skeletons, and bodily fluids. Preserved tissues or organs are verboten too, so that freakishly awesome white devil scalp you inherited from your ancestors will just have to stay in the family a little longer.

Teeth continue to be kosher however, so you will still be able to purchase this tasteful Human Teeth Bracelet from the cheerfully-named up-and-coming artiste Deathany97.

For some reason, drugs are also not something Etsy wants to sell. (Probably a non-compete contract with stealth-mode South American entrepreneurs.)

That includes drug paraphernalia such as hash skillets and tobacco products. But tobacco pipes are still allowed, provided they do not have carburetors.

(Google helpfully informed me that a pipe carburetor has absolutely nothing to do with a internal combustion engine.)

Speaking of which, Etsy does not want to sell your motor vehicle, boat, or RV. And hazardous materials such as mercury, matches, and lighter fluid are out too.

Cool cat nap his-and-hers pillowcases? Still absolutely and defiantly in.

Above: His-and-hers cat nap pillowcases

Image Credit: Etsy

Image credit: DM7/ShutterStock