Dragon Wars

Artist Boris Vallejo and his wife, Julie Bell, have rocked our faces for decades with beautiful oil paintings depicting muscular barbarians, sexy Amazonian warriors, and terrifying beasts. Their work has graced movie posters, book covers, trading cards, print ads, music albums, and, of course, video games.

The talented duo is responsible for some of the finest, most detailed, awe-inspiring video game box art since the ’80s. Take the image above from the PC game Dragon Wars (1989) illustrated by Vallejo. Even if the game had sucked, which it did not, I would’ve probably picked it up for the amazing art alone.

Although not as active in the gaming scene as they were in the past, Boris’s and Julie’s work remains stamped in the hearts of a segment of gamers. To keep their masterpieces alive, we’ve put together a gallery of some of Vallejo’s and Bell’s most memorable video game-themed handiwork.

To see more of Boris and Julie’s art, head over to their official website, where you can purchase signed copies of the paintings featured in this article.