BYOT bannerHere it is: the first episode of GamesBeat’s official podcast, BYOT. That stands for “Bring Your Own Topic,” but you don’t have to put those trampolines or tapirs away just yet. Who doesn’t love a bouncing tapir? Our first show features an all-star cast from your lovely GamesBeat staff: editor-in-chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu, head writer Dean Takahashi, copy editor Jason Wilson, and culture editor Sebastian Haley. Each of them has brought his own 2012-centric topic to discuss with the group, and they break it up with a smattering of evil trivia. Topics:

  • Games of 2012 we should champion
  • The single worst things to happen to gaming this year
  • The rise of online gambling
  • Are we done with blockbuster games?

CONTEST ALERT: We’re giving away grab bags of goodies (which include an i7 Core Processor from Intel, free video games, and more) to two lucky fans who help us promote this episode by linking to it on Twitter and including the #GamesBeatBYOT hashtag. The contest ends in two weeks.

Special thanks to Playhaven, our official launch sponsor!


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