Google will soon purchase travel-focused content provider Frommer’s in a bid to boost its number of local reviews from around the world.

“The Frommer’s team and the quality and scope of their content will be a great addition to the Zagat team,” a Google spokesperson told VentureBeat. “We can’t wait to start working with them on our goal to provide a review for every relevant place in the world.”

The Frommer’s brand, which is owned by John Wiley & Sons, is best known for its popular travel guidebooks. It controls a wealth of reviews and travel tips for locales across six continents. Frommer’s recently launched digital guidebooks with help from Inkling’s digital publication platform.

The move comes about a year after Google bought Zagat to improve local reviews. Zagat’s reviews now show up when you look for locations via Google searches and Google+.

Google did not reveal the terms of the deal.

h/t Wall Street Journal

Photo credit: Frommer’s