Vanity is the devil’s favorite sin, and for Google, it’s the source of the latest, belated Google+ feature: Vanity URLs.

Google is finally giving the custom web addresses to Google+ users, a move that comes over a year after the service was launched.

For Google+ users, this means doing away with the obnoxiously long string of numbers that’s included in Google+ web addresses, and for Google it means finally adding a feature that should have been a part of Google+ from the very beginning.

For brands, the significance of the move is obvious: It allows them to customize yet another part of the Google+ experience, which they are always eager to do.

It’s worth noting that the move comes over three years after Facebook announced custom usernames for its users. So Google is a bit behind the curve.

Unfortunately for Google+ users who have been waiting for the functionality, Google is rolling out the new feature very slowly and is giving fist dibs to users of verified profiles and pages. So while high-profile users like David Beckham and Hugo Boss are all dolled-up with their new addresses, regular old early adopters are going to have to wait for an unspecified amount of time before they get their turn.