Google Maps now has transit stop schedules for more than one million locations, meaning that if you need to get from Tower Bridge to Trafalgar Square, Google can get you there. The company blogged the update today, announcing that transit systems in more 500 cities globally are now included.

And if you happen to use an Android smartphone, you can even get specific about what kind of transit you want to take: bus, train, tram, or subway. Have an iPhone? You get the default suggestions.

The update comes just days after Google Maps rolled out live traffic previews to another 130 cities. Google appears to be doubling down on improving its mapping technologies and offerings on the eve of being booted out of its privileged position as the default mapping app on Apple’s devices — iOS 6 will come with Apple’s own mapping solution standard.

I remember buying the highly rated Tube Map for my first trip to London (it’s now free), which was superhelpful, giving times, transfers, and data on the reliability of various subway lines. However, it only shows the subway options, whereas Google Maps shows all available transit options.

One thing that apps like Tube Map still having going for them? They work without network access, meaning you won’t have to pay international data roaming charges, which can be ridiculously expensive.

photo credit: Anirudh Koul via photo pin cc