Netflix Post-Play feature

Netflix customers no longer have to deal with the annoying pauses between TV show episodes, the company announced on its blog today.

The company is adding a new “Post-Play” feature to its streaming video service, which minimizes the current episode’s credits and tees up the next episode. After 15 seconds, the next episode starts playing, but users can also stop the “auto-play” function if they want more information about the show. Netflix is also offering up some recommendations for other shows/episodes you might like based on the current selection.

The Post-Play functionality is very similar to what Hulu already does at the end of its videos and is a welcom addition to the overall Netflix experience. Honestly, it’s the little details like this that make Netflix far better than rivals like Amazon’s Prime instant video service.

The new Post-Play feature is already available on the web version of the service as well as Playstation 3. Other devices — like Roku, Apple TV, and Boxee — should be getting the added functionality soon, according to the company.

Check out a demo video of the new Netflix feature below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Image via Netflix