Ustream has promoted co-founder and president Brad Hunstable to CEO of the popular live-streaming video service, the company announced Wednesday morning.

Hunstable has been serving as interim CEO since November 2011, when former CEO John Ham stepped down to return to “his entrepreneurial roots.” Since that time, Ustream’s board has been on the lookout for a new CEO. In a not-so-surprising move, it decided that Hunstable would be the right person for the job.

To illustrate why Hunstable got the promotion, check out these numbers. In the first half of 2012 vs. the first half of 2011, Ustream has seen a 170 percent bump in subscribers to its Pro Broadcasting service, 290 percent in subscriber revenue growth, and 300 percent growth in Pay-Per-View revenue.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ustream has a partnership in place with NASA, which has led to hugely popular live streams of the Mars rover landing and the SpaceX Dragon capsule capture by the International Space Station.

“We’ve had incredible growth in the first half of this year,” Hunstable told VentureBeat. “Not only did we bring in new high-level talent, but we also launched new products.”

Ustream’s numbers look good for two reasons: social engagement and mobile usage. On the social front, Ustream embraced Facebook’s Timeline and “open graph” to attract many new users. Additionally, the company has seen mobile usage from iPhone, Android, and other apps sharply increase.

“Open graph has driven more viewers to us while mobile has been driving more broadcasters,” Hunstable said. “One out of eight streams are broadcasting from mobile and one out of five viewers are watching from mobile.”

Before co-founding Ustream with Ham, Hunstable served in the United States Army as an Operations Officer and a development manager for Hillwood Development.

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