Showyou gets revamped Airplay multitasking, new iPad features

Good news for couch potatoes: The popular video discovery app Showyou now has a revamped Airplay experience, allowing you to run other apps on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch while Showyou is beaming video to your Apple TV.

The newest version of the free Showyou app, which hits the App Store today, also includes some major improvements on the iPad, including Retina Display support and social features that first appeared on the Showyou iPhone app a few weeks ago.

Apple has offered multitasking during Airplay streaming since the launch of iOS 5 last year, but according to Mark Hall, the CEO of Showyou creator Remixation, not many apps have taken advantage of the feature. “It’s not a difficult feature to implement,” Hall said, but added “it takes a ton of effort to figure out what you have to implement.”

Now when you’re streaming a video with Showyou, you’re not forced to keep the app open on your iOS device, which should be a boon for Twitter addicts.

In many ways, Showyou for the iPad is playing catch-up with its iPhone/iPod Touch siblings in this latest update. The iPad app can now take advantage of a whole new Showyou feed, which does a better job of locating videos that you’ll like. You can also now send videos to friends on Showyou via the iPad app (and if they’re not on Showyou, you can send them an email), and “Thank” people for sharing videos.

Showyou now has more than 60 million videos indexed, Hall tells me. And since they’re all socially curated, they’re generally more interesting than a random YouTube video. The company’s revamped iPhone app, which launched last month, is also now seeing longer session times of 15 to 20 minutes.

Showyou is planning to open up its video search to guests within the next few days, which should give new users a taste of what Showyou has to offer before signing up.

San Francisco-based Remixation has raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a first round from True Ventures and other investors.