It’s Friday, we’re in love!

This, dear nerds, is what happened this week:

  • The Oatmeal started a new fundraiser to save the Tesla tower and build a dadgum museum. Yeah!
  • We ran a popular guest post from the world’s youngest VC, who offered life and career advice to the rest of us over-the-hill slackers.
  • We wrote this piece of gadget literary erotica about the new Samsung Note tablet.
  • We geeked out hard over WebRTC, a new HTML5 protocol for real-time web communication. W00t!
  • We caught a whiff of desperation in Sony’s new Cross Buy program meant to bolster flagging Vita sales.
  • NBC totally blew goats when it came to Olympics coverage for the modern nerd. Long, heavy sigh. This so wouldn’t happen if Alec Baldwin was running the show.

Have an awesome weekend, and don’t forget: it’s Ren Faire season! So go out there and support your local nerds for creative anachronism. We’re all in this together.