Fonts Puzzler

Video games must stand out to be instantly recognizable, and a unique font in their title can make a world of difference.

We’ve taken a single character from 26 different logos, one for each letter of the alphabet, and you need to figure out which game it is from. This week we’re covering letters A through M. Click here for part two.

You’ll find a hint under every picture, but ignore it if you don’t think you need it. Want to entice your brain even further? Then also guess the seven titles used to make the word “Puzzler” in the top image.

Puzzler A

A. Hint: Power slide from cover to cover.

Puzzler B

B. Hint: A tale eternally retold.

Puzzler C

C. Hint: The only choice is war. The only allies are enemies.

Puzzler D

D. Hint: Outlaws to the end. (More than one “D”)

Puzzler E

E. Hint: You must save the moon single-handedly. (More than one “E”)

Puzzler F

F. Hint: Go for broke.

Puzzler G

G. Hint: Welcome to town!

Puzzler H

H. Hint: An odyssey through the minds of misfits, monsters, and madmen.

Puzzler I

I. Hint: Such a feeling…. (More than one “I”)

Puzzler J

J. Hint: In the mountains of Autumn, there is one who walks the path of the….

Puzzler K

K. Hint: The king of Iron Fist. (More than one “K”)

Puzzler L

L. Hint: Bred for combat. Built for war.

Puzzler M

M. Hint: Nobunaga’s ambition.

Check out page two for the answers.