Puzzler: Guess the games by their logo’s font (part 1) answers:

Puzzler A

A. Vanquish

Puzzler B

B. SoulCalibur

Puzzler C

C. StarCraft

Puzzler D

D. Red Dead Redemption

Puzzler E

E. Einhänder

Puzzler F

F. Street Fighter

Puzzler G

G. Animal Crossing

Puzzler H

H. Psychonauts

Puzzler I

I. Killer Instinct

Puzzler J

J. Ninja Gaiden

Puzzler K

K. Tekken

Puzzler H

L. Halo

Puzzler M

M. Onimusha


Bonus: Games used to make the word “Puzzler” in the top image:

P: Pokémon
U: Brütal Legend
Z: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Z: The Legend of Zelda
L: Battlefield 3
E: Fable
R: Mortal Kombat (2011)