Konami gives PopCap Games a little competition on Facebook today with the newly launched Blockolicious.

Originally released on the App Store in July (under publisher Chillingo), the action-puzzle game from developer Hibernum Creations is now free to play on Facebook. Players can pop chains of at least three matching fruit, grouped together in any formation, to make juice blocks. Each of these has a meter that will quickly run out unless players can connect it to a new one. You can then tap three adjacent juice blocks of the same “flavor” to create a juice bomb, which will splatter all similarly colored blocks on the screen. The more blocks and bombs you burst, and the longer your combos, the higher your score.

Two modes are available at launch: Sprint, a two-minute challenge for score, and Marathon, a more strategic approach that allows players to complete levels at a relaxed pace.

“Blockolicious was a big hit with players on the App Store, and we can’t wait to see what Facebook users think of the new version,” said Louis-Rene Auclair, the chief brand officer at Hibernum. “We’ve seen our early testers develop an extremely competitive, score-chasing attitude across the mobile and online versions when they’re up against their friendsso I can’t wait to see things really heat up on our weekly social leaderboards.”

Players can compete against mobile users through cross-platform play and earn coins to unlock new “jungle animal” powerups.

Blockolicious is basically similar to Bejeweled Blitz, also available on Facebook, but the gameplay feels faster and more intense. We’ll let you decide which one you prefer.