Dust 514

CCP, the studio behind the massively multiplayer online intergalactic trade simulator Eve Online, has released a number of screenshots for Dust 514, their upcoming free-to-play  first-person shooter spinoff for the PlayStation 3.

The screens show off the game’s bleak, futuristic aesthetic while also hinting at the role vehicles play in combat, with various tanks and aircraft blowing up/being blown up by groups of robot-looking soldiers.

But the most interesting thing about Dust 514 is most likely too difficult (if not impossible) to convey in simple screenshots: The direct connection between the actions of players in it and its big brother, Eve Online. What the ground troops do in one game has certain political and economical ramifications for the space captains, fleet commanders, and intergalactic businessmen of the other.

The Dust 514 closed beta is currently open to all PlayStation Plus subscribers and those who have purchased the game’s Mercenary Pack

Also, Eve Online players will be able to take advantage of special “orbital bombardments” which will allow them to fire upon enemies in the PlayStation 3 game from space (from their PC).

Check out the gallery below.

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