helps celebrities and artists make the most of their online distribution by providing opportunities to enhance and monetize their reach.

On the site, artists can showcase their recent work for fans to view, like, share, and comment on. The technology enables artists to release new content and helps the campaigns go viral. also connects companies with celebrities, allowing businesses to take advantage of celebrity endorsements .

“Celebrities have huge distribution, but they do not yet have an easy way to make money from it,” said founder Matt Schlicht. “Brands would love for celebrities to endorse them online, so we figured out a way to bring these two things together.”

Companies pay to get the celebrities to make endorsements online, and pays the celebrities, keeping a cut. It also measures the impact of the endorsements, so businesses can see where their money is going. has nailed the hard part, which Schlicht identifies as getting celebrities on board. It already works with 52 of Billboard’s Hot 100 Artists and a host of record labels and companies.

Right now, is only courting musicians, but it will be expanding to athletes and actors.