Promised a job for life? Better get that in writing.

In December Apple fired Wayne Goodrich, the man behind the curtain of the exquisitely produced Apple events that helped Steve Jobs make presentation magic so many times. Now, according to Business Week, he’s suing Apple for wages, benefits, lost stock options, and, of course, emotional distress.

The reason for the termination?

According to Goodrich,¬†Apple fired him so that the company could avoid paying restricted stock benefits that would have seen him be able to scoop up $600+ shares for just $97 — the price of the stock when it was awarded in 2008.

Goodrich also claims that Steve Jobs promised him a job for life.

Unfortunately, this occurred in a one-on-one meeting, and there’s no word on whether any documentation exists. Goodrich’s lawyer, San Francisco-based¬†Phil Horowitz, had no comment.

To anyone who followed Steve Jobs’ career or read the Walter Isaacson biography, of course, Jobs saying something and it actually being true — or true for more than a few days — are completely different things.

We have yet to hear how much compensation Goodrich is seeking.

Image credit: You’re fired/ShutterStock